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Bathroom remodeling is one of our many areas of expertise. 

Our bathroom design and construction teams have years of experience taking homeowners’ bathroom renovation ideas and making them a reality. Whether your bathroom just needs a makeover, you need more space or you need to make your bathroom more accessible, Coley Construction has all the necessary tools to make it happen.

We provide in-home consultations every step of the way. 

Coley Construction provides consultations in all areas of the bathroom design and remodel process from beginning to end. We will help you:

  • Assess your present needs and what needs you may have in the future
  • Discuss your current likes and dislikes about your bathroom space
  • Set current goals that will lead to the desired final result
  • Figure out whether or not permits are needed for the renovation process
  • Stay within your ideal time frame and budget.

You will have your own personal contact from our team to guide you through the bathroom renovation process from start to finish. This makes it easy for us to get to know you better, addressing all of your questions and concerns quickly and making your bathroom remodel process as stress-free as possible.

Our designers understand the key components of design

We work as a team to provide:

  • The time necessary to get to know you and your project
  • Organizational skills to stay within desired time frames and budgets
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Careful attention to detail, blending style and comfort to fit your individual lifestyle
  • Services ranging from floor to ceiling.

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Customer service and even more outstanding craftmanship work. Ian goes above and beyond. 

– Torri Rienks

We love offering helpful tips to get you motivated.

We understand how important it is to share our knowledge. We hope these ideas and tips kick start your imagination:


When beginning your bathroom renovation, we:

  • Discuss the intended rates for the project
  • Build a schedule based on your intended time frame.

Organizing the budget for a bathroom renovation involves many factors. The quality of materials, size and complexity of the project and whether or not permits are needed are just a few things to consider.   


Our design team will guide you through this process from conception to selecting finishing touches while keeping you within your budget and timeframe. Our highly skilled construction crews are very detail-oriented and safely deliver quality craftsmanship while maintaining a clean work space.

Coley Construction’s bathroom design and remodel team has the years of experience and level of dedication needed to make your imagined bathroom space a dream come true!




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We understand education is a part of the complete process and our team would like to be the ones to answer all your questions and concerns and most importantly earn your trust.

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